My love for words and poetry began as a child from reading Mother Goose, Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein, to name a few. In 2015, I published a children's poetry book called Brooklyn Stew to honor the city where my story begins! This book has a variety of rhythmic poems. It is written for a child and the child at heart to read together. It's a fun way to learn poetry and an opportunity for family to bond, creating memorable moments that will foster a child’s imagination and growth. It is my mission to help children develop high self-esteem and build their self-confidence by teaching them to fall in love with words. Through poetry, I believe children will grow to be articulate, confident and bright! 

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Leslie Saint-Julien


Coming this fall 2017, I will deliver another collection of poetry. This is the first publication to be published under my own printing press brand, Lily House! This divine and unique collection speaks soley about love! The fullness of its existence and the beauty and strength of its power. Understanding that love truly is patient and kind, I want to share with you poetically, how this love has transcended me to become the woman I am today. Stronger and wiser with every sunrise. These love letters are from my heart to yours.

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Personal Portfolio


Published in 2013, this collection of poetry, thoughts and songs are my real life painted experiences. For the first time ever, I am inviting the world to look into my mirror and see what I see. For the first time ever, I am speaking with my soul and instructing the world to hear with their heart, my every word. To know love, to know pain and to know joy is the journey of this collection. Finding a love that makes you want to sing, enduring a painful experience that makes you a strong giant and feeling such joy that it seems like a summer breeze even on the coldest day. This is more than you think and more than you. This is, More Than Me!

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