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Sparking conversations all over the world using one language. Love. 


The theater stages of New York City, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. have been my homes. Three published poetry collections with more to be born.  

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At minimum, be the constant in your life, allowing only for the atmosphere to change as it adapts to your existence.


Recognizing I am never alone in a world where people seek to understand the reason for their existence.

About Leslie Saint-Julien

A native of Brooklyn, New York to Haitian parents, Leslie Saint-Julien is an author, writer, poet and actress. Leslie has been working in the acting circuit in the Baltimore, MD area since 2005. Her path initially began in 1983 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. There, she debuted as a ballerina and her fate as a theater performer and actress was sealed. Her theater experience has landed her roles in stage plays across New York City, Baltimore and D.C. Leslie has also worked on screen with HBO, Sony Pictures, Point Black Films and Starz. 

For nearly two decades, Leslie has also been sharing her poetry with the world! She performed her first spoken word poem in 2001 on a small stage at Eden Lounge in Baltimore. This was the debut of Organic Soul Tuesday's. An open mic platform for artists in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas hosted by the legendary Olu Butterfly. It was after that performance that she knew she would never stop writing. She is blessed with a gift that is more than her words. More Than Me​, the title of her first published collection in 2013, officially introduced her poetry to the world. Following the success of that release, she was compelled to later publish her first children's poetry book, Brooklyn Stew in 2015 to identify where her story all began! A little girl from Brooklyn with an imagination, a voice and a pen! Leslie is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland. She has toured Brooklyn Stew to read to children and perform poetry in the inner cities of Chicago, DC, Baltimore and Brooklyn. More of Leslie's writings can be found anywhere popular books are sold. She's on the go and believes with God anything is possible!